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The need for innovation in healthcare has never been greater and Origin Healthcare is leading the way. We combine our team’s deep clinical expertise with our advanced technology supported platform to provide personalized, acute medical care to patients in their home. Quality outcomes are improved, medical costs are significantly lower, patients are empowered, and healthcare access is expanded. ​

This is the way healthcare should be.

How We Do It

Keeping Patients at the Center

Leveraging technology and prioritizing personal connections, we deliver acute, medical care to the home and bring individuals to better health.

Changing the Future of Healthcare for the Better

Medical Expertise

  • Multidisciplinary team
  • Board Certified Physicians
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Behavior Health Experts
  • Multiple visits per day
  • 24/7 Availability
Personal Connections Honoring patients, their families, and their choices in healthcare

Personal Connections

  • Respecting the choices of patients and families
  • Honoring the trust extended to our team
  • Understanding the unique and diverse needs of every patient
  • Engaging the patient and family in decisions
Monitoring patients remotely


  • Remote patient monitoring via wearable devices
  • Customized patient scheduling, routines, and education
  • HIPAA compliant processes
  • Telemedicine platform
  • Cloud based, mobile platform with integrated workflows

The Problem

Hospitalizations cause problems for both patients and the health system.
Hospital Care at Home


  • Over $1 trillion dollars is spent on hospital care each year ​
  • Medical bills are the leading cause of personal debt in the United States


  • 2 million people develop hospital acquired infections annually​
  • There is a 29-64% risk of hospital associated delirium in patients over the age of 65
Team-based approach


  • People are separated from family, pets, and loved ones. This is especially true since the Covid-19 pandemic​
  • Symptoms of anxiety and depression worsen


  • ​Vulnerable populations have difficulty accessing care.​
  • Rural hospitals are closing​
  • Patients with challenges accessing care often delay or forego care

​Benefits of Advanced Healthcare at Home

Hospital care in the home has been used around the world for decades and has been studied extensively in the US. It has been consistently shown that patients have better clinical outcomes and are more satisfied with their care. At a 30-40% lower cost over the traditional model of hospital care, this is a game-changer for healthcare.


Lower Cost


Decrease in readmissions


Decrease in length of stay


Decreased risk of delirium

In the News


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Dr. Christine Lum Lung, CEO and founder of Origin Healthcare, introduces us to the hospital-at-home model of healthcare, which is bringing high-level, multidisciplinary care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. We discuss how hospital-at-home is different than a typical inpatient hospital stay, and how the current healthcare landscape is pushing providers toward new ways of delivering healthcare.

Origin Healthcare overview video

A brief intro to Origin Healthcare and the hospital at home model of care.

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