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Healthcare that honors all patients’ unique needs

Our team has decades of experience in hospital medicine and leadership. We are passionate about moving advanced medical care to the home and providing patients choice in their healthcare journey.

Who We are

Our Executive Team

We are committed to improving healthcare and the health of our patients. We have decades of experience in caring for patients, and in leading and driving healthcare innovation.

Christine Lum Lung, MD, MBA 

Chief Executive Officer

Christine received her B.A from Stanford University and her Doctor of Medicine from the University of Colorado. She completed her Internal Medicine Residency at the University of California, San Diego, where she also served as Chief Resident. Christine earned her MBA from Yale.​

Christine is a Board certified physician and has practiced hospital medicine for over 20 years. She is a pioneer in the field and was the founding member and CEO of an independent physician owned and operated hospital medicine company, which she ran for over 16 years. Christine is experienced in both the business and clinical aspects of medicine and understands how to implement new models of healthcare. She maintains a focus on excellence and built successful quality programs that repeatedly earned CMS Exceptional Performance status. ​

Christine is passionate about creating and inspiring healthcare advances to improve patient care, access, and equity.


Jorie Anderson, RN CHIEF NURSING OFFICERJorie Anderson, RN

Chief Nursing Officer

Jorie spent eight years of her career as a critical care nurse at UCLA Medical Center in the cardiothoracic ICU, managing some of the most complex patients in the hospital. She is also a certified public health nurse and is passionate about creating long term solutions for improved health in the community.​

​Jorie is devoted to ensuring each patient receives compassionate and high quality care.



Greg Hecht: Tech AdvisorGreg Hecht

Greg has led teams and launched products at some of Silicon Valley’s most notable companies, including Google, TiVo, and Silicon Graphics. He was co-founder and CTO of Threadloom, a venture backed startup in Silicon Valley, which was acquired by VerticalScope in 2021. His thoughtful leadership is informed by his work across a wide range of technologies, among them cloud infrastructure, search, analytics and growth, video-streaming, and real-time communications. Greg holds a Bachelor of Science degree with Honors in Computer Science from University of Michigan.


Jill Hummel, JDJill Hummel, JD

Jill Hummel is a seasoned health care strategist and advisor who has held a variety of senior leadership roles with payer and provider organizations. Most recently, she served as the president of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Connecticut. She currently focuses her efforts on supporting organizations that have a mission consistent with improving health, health care outcomes, patient experience and affordability.

Jill is passionate about driving better health, patient experience and health care value.


Danielle Snow, MBADanielle Snow, MBA

Danielle brings over 20 years of experience spanning operations, customer experience, and both consumer and enterprise product development. Most recently she was at Included Health where she served as the Sr. Vice President and Chief of Staff. Danielle was integral in scaling the company from early-stage start-up to a large, nationally known healthcare company.

Danielle is passionate about building great leaders and multi-functional teams.


Steven Summer Steven Summer

Steven has decades of experience serving as the President and CEO of the West Virginia and Colorado Hospital Associations. Steven currently is the President and CEO of the Healthcare Institute–a forum where leading hospital CEOs convene to collaborate and support each other.

Steven is passionate about payment and care delivery transformation and is committed to making hospitals safe for the patients they serve.


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Origin Healthcare 

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