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Your bed. Your home. Your health.

If you or a loved one are sick enough to go to the Urgent Care or Hospital, Origin Healthcare now gives eligible patients the option to receive that care at home.​

"I cannot express enough how highly valuable this service is to me and my family."
"I loved every second of health and visits from the team from Origin Healthcare. You are truly a blessing."
"Origin was way better than going to the hospital!"
"We had total trust in this team of professionals and were so very grateful that they came!"
"Wonderful, knowledgeable team! I was really sick and I believe their help is what turned things around."

Benefits of receiving healthcare at home

Advanced medical care at home has been proven to improve quality, safety and result in a better patient experience. Care at home is more accessible, comprehensive, and comfortable.

Team-based approach
  • Avoid separation from loved ones and pets.​
  • Comfortable and convenient.​
  • Less expensive than a traditional hospital. ​
  • Lower chance of requiring discharge to a nursing home.
Monitoring patients remotely
  • Close monitoring with telehealth and other technology.
  • Daily physician telemedicine visits.
  • Daily in-person visits from nurses and nurse practitioners.​
  • Improved safety.
How We Do It

What to Expect

Leveraging technology and prioritizing personal connections, we bring the expert medical team, equipment, and technology to you.

Leveraging technology and prioritizing personal connections, we deliver acute care to the home and bring individuals to better health.

Qualified Team

  •  A nurse or paramedic and a nurse practitioner will come to your home to perform a complete evaluation and initiate treatment.​
  • Daily in-person visits from your medical team
  • Daily telemedicine visit with a physician.​
  • Our team is available 24 hours a day to respond to your needs.
Personal Connections Honoring patients, their families, and their choices in healthcare

Continuous Monitoring

  • Wearable smart devices and an electronic tablet keep your vitals, activity, and wellness in front of your care team.​
  • Direct and easy connectivity to your medical team. Your family and caregivers are included in your care.​
  • Direct communication with your established outpatient clinical team facilitates smooth transitions of care at discharge.



We offer several in-home services to provide care in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Origin Integrated Care

Acute, advanced medical care, in the home

  • Once you and your outpatient team decide that advanced medical services are appropriate, we take it from there.​
  • When you improve, Origin Healthcare collaborates with your outpatient team, engages community resources, and ensures a smooth transition of care.

If you feel that you, or a family member would benefit from Origin Integrated Care, call your outpatient clinician and see if Origin Healthcare is an option.

Origin Transitions of Care

In home evaluation within 7-14 days of discharge from the hospital or skilled nursing facility. We help review medications, provide education, and ensure that you and your family have the support you need to continue your recovery.

Origin Acute Care

Acute illness that requires urgent, non-emergency medical assessment and treatment.

Origin Infusion Therapy

IV hydration, IV antibiotics, and other infusions for chronic disease. All conveniently provided in the safety and comfort of home.

Have questions about Origin Healthcare?

For any medical emergency, call 911.

For urgent needs please call, as email is only checked periodically.


Origin Healthcare 

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