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The need for innovation in healthcare has never been greater and Origin Healthcare is leading the way.

"I cannot express enough how highly valuable this service is to me and my family."
"I loved every second of health and visits from the team from Origin Healthcare. You are truly a blessing."
"Origin was way better than going to the hospital!"
"We had total trust in this team of professionals and were so very grateful that they came!"
"Wonderful, knowledgeable team! I was really sick and I believe their help is what turned things around."

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Pandemic accelerates model of home hospital care in Fort Collins

Treating moderately or chronically ill people at home rather than the hospital.


Origin Healthcare: Hospital care at home

FORT COLLINS — Christine Lum Lung was considering founding a home-based health care company before the pandemic. But once it hit, she knew it was what she wanted to do.

The Future of Healthcare at Home
The Future of Healthcare at Home - HealthCare Huddle

Welcome to another installment of the Health Care Huddle, a show focused on distilling best practices from subject matter experts across a myriad of disciplines so that our listeners may in their own way make the health care system a little bit better for all the stakeholders involved.

Columbine Center for Healthy Aging
Columbine Center for Healthy Aging

Dr. Christine Lum Lung, CEO and founder of Origin Healthcare, introduces us to the hospital-at-home model of healthcare, which is bringing high-level, multidisciplinary care to patients in the comfort of their own homes. We discuss how hospital-at-home is different than a typical inpatient hospital stay, and how the current healthcare landscape is pushing providers toward new ways of delivering healthcare.

Origin Healthcare overview video

A brief intro to Origin Healthcare and the hospital at home model of care.

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